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Aerial View of an Estate Home

Drone Photography

Piedmont Three Dimensional aerial photography is perfect to capture any angle, with a high definition 4k drone you can reach a perspective that can’t be touched by other cameras. 


Aerial imagery can advance a properties overall appeal online and to prospective buyers, lenders, contractors, and real estate owners.

With striking high-definition photos and videos our drone showcases a property like never before. It may be the tool you need to help justify pricing to a buyer of your house or a lender to your construction project. By showing them birdlike photography of an entire property up to 1,000 feet in the sky you get to present the entire building missing no spaces including close up roofs shots and any other photos you want.

Photos and videos taken by our high definition drone could be used as standalone photos and videos for your website or listing, all the way to pamphlet cover photos.

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